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 Terms Of Service

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Wicked Jester
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PostSubject: Terms Of Service   Terms Of Service Icon_minitimeFri Feb 02, 2007 10:00 pm

Okay, I don't have many rules considering what to do.

But I do have VERY IMPORTANT things on what NOT to do.

So I'll post up the 3 main rules and if you follow them you should have no trouble at all. They mainly concern important manners, not forum related things.

1. Absolutely NO RACISM.That means from skin color to religion and everything else. If you say anything from the "N" word to Muslim insults you WILL be BANNED WITHOUT ANY THOUGHT. As you can tell by my large bold faced words, I do not tolerate racism at all. It's wrong and unacceptable. Your punishment will be harsh and without sympathy. Wolf Watchers will not listen to reason, they will simply get the facts straight and BAN you.

2. This sorta relates to no racism, you CANNOT insult others constantly. I say constantly because I do know things slip. And sometimes people can act very ignorant. Just make sure to be careful with what you say, When things become serious, your fate will be in the hands of the Wolf Watchers. They will decide how rude/bad your comment was and whether you will be banned, suspended, or warned. By your third offense though(or failure to obey) you will be banned for sure. So like I've said before, watch your tongue.

3. No spamming. Explains itself. Stay on topic. If you stray off topic, you will be warned. But if the second time you've spammed too much the Wolf Watchers will decide your fate. The third time, you will most likely be banned. I'm pretty easy going with spamming though. We all do it, and it's harmless for the most part.

Add these together and they pretty much make the "Golden Rule".
Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Unless of course they do something wrong like a crime that is.....

So follow the rules and you should do just fine Cool
~Wicked Jester
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Terms Of Service
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